IPC Magazine: the Italian entrepreneurship grows and better itself

http://systemelemaitre.com/?smerdit=rencontre-femme-de-l%27h%C3%A9rault&6ba=59 IPC Magazine interviews Andrea Mazzucchelli, the manager at Cavaga, who tells the magazine something more about the evolution of the business, that firstly was only a business in the wine growing sector, than expanded the activity with Agribio end so much more. Read the article to find out more!

certain IPC Magazine in September has interviewed Andrea Mazzucchelli, the manager at Brejo Santo Cavaga, who told the magazine something more about the evolution of the business, that has just culminated with the opening of Agribio.

The magazine, which presents different entrepreneurship realities in Italy, shows the evolution of Cavaga from winery to accommodation. From the interview seems that the main goal for the activity is to offer a service that is closer and closer to the client and all their needs, according to what is stated by Andrea. The main motto of the business in fact is ‘CAVAGA LOVES PEOPLE’.

Interior well-being is the key word for our business, that offers comfortable locations and hospitality to ensure it.

A snapshot of the Cavaga reality told by IPC Magazine

The interview by IPC Magazine illustrates the commitment and passion that has always distinguished Podere Cavaga.

Agribio, with its 9 active rooms, the relaxation area, which can also be used by external guests booking their own wellness area, and the gourmet brunches with the dishes of chef Alisani… in a single accommodation facility.

The interview continues then with the projects in progress, such as the outdoor terrace that will become a meeting point for our guests, but also Forest Therapy, protagonist of autumn activities in the woods surrounding the structure.

From wine, to wine

After all the news discovered during the interview about the activity, they returned on the real fundamental activity of the structure, the wine and its production, that is the biggest passion of the patron Andrea Mazzucchelli.

One of the most successful services offered to our clients is the Food Pairing, which consists in the combination of a dish and a wine that includes 4 courses, allows the guest to be guided in a journey of flavors and culture that satisfies the soul and body.


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