This is the first Gin ever created in the Iseo’s Lake area and it has been realized with a Babruysk compound method, using only biological ingredients and natural spring water. As already stated for Cavaga, also Gin Iseo has been directly inspired from the magnificent natural products their selves: juniper, lemon, licorice, silver fir, lemongrass and rosemary, are used to originate a freshand versatile product, that could be perfect to taste pure, mixed and above all with tonic water in it.

The taster will find in this Gin product, all the incredible characteristics that the lemongrass can contribute to give to a distillate of this sort, in particular the tastiness, but also the flavor and freshness of the lemon, the little accent of rosemary, the balanceof the licorice and the elegant aroma offered by the silver lit. Gin Iseo is produced using the local juniper, which grows into the Podere’s woods. The main goal of its production, according to Andrea Mazzucchelli, is to be able to guarantee a real experience of pleasure.



Give a look to the gift boxeswe offer and let yourself be amused by them. They are created to discover more and more about Podere Cavaga’s world. These boxes, in which you can choose between wine or gin, were create to be a perfect gift for yourself but also for your guests and relatives and their aim is to let you spend some good time together tasting our products. Our boxes are the perfect way to be originalwhile at the same time guarantee quality.


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