Our relaxation area, that was projected and realized from a studio called Lago Design, greets the visitor and tries to fulfil his desire of wellness, with dedicated itineraries and spring waters, offered for the ones that stay in Agribio, but also for external tourists who just want to rest for some times and mantes la jolie femme seule regenerate themselves.

The staff’s professionality and the intimacy of our settings, will let you far away from your everyday life and guide you to a new experience, in which you will be in contact with the surrounding nature. Prepare your mind and body for a new path, where everything that matters is your time, your breath and your relaxation.

Nature, spirit and wellness

Our relax area, full of quiet and good energy, can keep you in contact with the best part of yourself.

Nature is the most important part of this experience, and can give your spirit a warm and comfortable hug that will be useful to repair your balance.

Your body, your sanctuary

Stop and listen to your body and what it is saying to you. Here it will be slow, relaxed and regenerated. Give yourself time to build a different future, in which you will be the true protagonist.

Find new purposes, breath new air and smile more. Accept your limits, celebrate your talents and your essence: you are your own sanctuary.

Bio relax, at my terms

Our relaxation area will be perfect to let you reconnect with yourself and understand more your own desires, whether you decide to stay there for a day or just for a few hours.

Choose the formula that you like more. You can combine for example the gourmet brunch in your lunch break, with a tasting experience of our wine, or you can combine our famous ‘aperitivo’ with an exclusive dinner and some bollicine Podere Cavaga. Your wellness experience is waiting for you.

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