Gin ISEO Pink


Gin Iseo has completed its production with a third type of Gin, that is the last one for as it regards the creation, but it is as important as the first two types for as it regards the taste and uniqueness.
This Gin is an extraordinary recreation of the classical one, which encloses Jupiter, lemongrass, silver fir, lemon and rosemary in it, but combined with our Franconian must, that we can clearly see from the distinct color of the product and from its soft and elegant taste.
Gin Iseo Pink has a strong and robust taste, but also a new elegance. Pink is the perfect Gin for a GinTonic, for a Martini cocktail and overall for a Gimlet in which became extraordinary.

This spirit has 43°, unique color and taste and intense scent. What do you need more?




Produced from Podere Cavaga
Compound Method
Origin Lombardia


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