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In our special day here, we can celebrate with our friends and families and make a toast on the life that is waiting for us as a couple.

Our wedding reception in the Podere’s lounge room is finished.

We have celebrated the most beautiful day of our lives with our families and with the attentive presence of the staff, ready to satisfy our every wish. We were surrounded by joy and welcomed with a menu prepared by chef Alisani and Podere Cavaga’s bollicine.

The night of the wedding, after all the celebration finished, we stayed in the Events room, the most elegant and refined one of all the bedrooms in Agribio, that is on the same floor as le lounge room in which we celebrated. Our nest of love, designed appositely by Lago Design, is characterized by an atmosphere that is all natural, with wood, rock and clean cuts. The hypoallergenic memory foam mattress with six pillows, the wallpaper and the elegant bathroom were designed appositely to relax and enhance intimacy.

From the window we can see the majestic vineyards under the pale light of the moon surrounded by the fireflies in this warm summer night.

Let us raise a glass to the future that awaits us, breathing the life of this earth. Together.

The Events room welcomes me with:

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