Project Description


Double King Room with Garden

My strength. My energy.

I’m passionate about discovering new places and when I travel I like to find out all the small paradises far away from crowded places full of stress and people.

Here in my bedroom, designed appositely for me by Lago Design, in a place near Iseo’s Lake, I finally found one of them. Intimate atmosphere, soft colors, natural elements and design with hardwood floors and local rock, beautiful view and private garden outside the windows.

One day my mother told me “Honey, remember that, in life, any small thing makes the difference” and now I’m here to appreciate the meaning behind her words.

Here, where all has appositely been made to feel welcomed and hugged, now I listen to the sound of my well-being. The quiet is inside of me and also all around me.

Garden 3 welcomes me with:

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