Project Description


Double King Room with Garden

Here I can easily rest looking at the vineyards from the windows open.

I’m laying on my suspended bed in my room, appositely designed for us by Lago Design, where I’ve spent the night sleeping so well that I still can’t believe it: the hypoallergenic memory foam mattress and the six pillows on top of it really helped my poor back.

Now I’m waiting for Rebecca, who is preparing in the bathroom for the day and I’m wandering how much time she will take. She will probably lose track of time in such a paradise for the cure of the body like out perfect bathroom.

While I wait, I’m looking at the private garden from the windows, at the beautiful flowers, the vineyards and farther the poplar trees moved by the wind blowing.

The relax and quiet of the room will let me to sleep a little more while Rebecca sign loudly in the bathroom, designed with rock of Sarnico, some elegant wallpaper and a beautiful shower.

When I wake up, the sun has already set and the atmosphere is perfect to appreciate even more the beauty of my sweet love. I found myself. We found ourselves once again.

Stronger than ever. Together.

Garden 4 welcomes me with:

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