Project Description


Luxury Triple Room with Garden – 1

While I’m walking in the garden, on the fresh grass, I close my eyes and listen to the silence that is able to fill my heart with joy.

I just arrived in my room after a really long drive, and now I’m fixing the luggage in the refined area designed by Lago. Then I lie down on the suspended bed with a memory foam mattress and rest. The Italian cotton sheets and the six pillows are what I was looking for without knowing it.

I rest for a few hours and wake up surrounded by silence. By that silence that I’m not used to hear anymore. And I want to feel it as long as possible, also in the magnificent garden.

I walk barefoot in the fresh grass, close my eyes and hear the birds singing, the sun kissing my body and the light warm wind from Lake Iseo caress me.

Then I go back into my room and the natural colors, the modern design and the other elements are saying to me “welcome home“.

I abandon myself to this atmosphere, I let Agribio’s staff to take care of me and I finally enjoy a moment of pleasure for my beloved ones and me.

The Exclusive room welcomes me with:

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