Project Description


Double King Room with Garden

The warm wind, blowing from Iseo’s Lake in our direction, enters from the open door of the bedroom and tickles my spirit.

I’m reading a book while laying on my suspended bed appositely realized for the structure by Lago Design and provided with a hypoallergenic memory foam mattress, Italian cotton sheets and six extremely soft pillows that hugs me in my most relaxing moments.

It’s almost night, and from my windows I can see the beauty of the vineyards covered with snow, so I open them to walk in the private little garden. Here, surrounded by pure and fresh air, I can observe the nature all around me in its diversity: the woods, the clear sky, the last sun shines of the day…

Relaxed from the majestic view, I go back in my beautiful room, with rock of Sarnico, wall paper and other perfect details studied by Lago Design, which are able create a magical atmosphere, perfect to regenerate and rest. This room can nourish, purify and balance my spirit.

This room is my soul, my new balance. And so, with a glass of red wine, – obviously – signed Cavaga, I can definitely regenerate myself.

Garden 1 welcomes me with:

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