Project Description


Double King Room with Garden

The light forest breeze surrounds me. I breathe and find my joy.

I wake up after a deep sleep, the soft pillows and the hypoallergenic memory foam mattress helped me to finally relieve from all the stress accumulated in the last few months.

I open my eyes and feel in the air something new: maybe could be because I slept like on a cloud on my suspended bed designed Lago Design, or maybe could be the warm hug of the light that reflects on the wallpaper and on the rock of Sarnico on the walls.

I stretch myself and I go out to the garden, where I can see the sky, the beautiful vineyards and much more. It seems like they are saying to me “Smile, it’s your birthday and here you can party with Andrea“.

Suddenly I come back in my room where there is my breakfast waiting for me on the bed and a note that says:I will wait for you in the sauna. Today we will celebrate in the relax area that I have reserved only for us… and later we will have a picnic with gastronomic excellences in the vineyard. I love you.

I sit on the bed, take a deep breath and hold this magical moment in my heart.

Garden 2 welcomes me with:

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