Project Description


Luxury Triple Room with Garden – 2

I rest and the colors of the nature around me fill my eyes and soul of joy and happiness. Photography has always been more than a job. It is my passion.

Nevertheless, this weekend I decided to leave my camera home, to fully dedicate my time to my family and myself and to find the energy that I need to function.

I enter my room and I’m immediately amused by the natural colors and clean design created appositely for the room by Lago Design. Here there is hardwood floor, local rock, a suspended bed with a fantastic memory foam mattress and plenty of pillows. The elements are in line with the exterior and all the nature surrounding the structure.

I go out in the garden and here, I observe the morainic amphitheater and the rows of grapes as far as the eye can see in front of me, listening to the rustle of the trees and the sound of the uncontaminated nature: sometimes it is really necessary to get rid of something in order to reconnect with the important things.

In the quiet that embraces me, I free my imagination and immediately here is the enthusiasm and peace that I went looking for together with my loved ones.

They had always been here, waiting for me in my room, to toast with excellent wine to our newfound well-being.

The King room welcomes me with:

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